Information technology should be available to everyone, but if you have a disability, the traditional keyboard and mouse can sometimes present a major obstacle. BDF Solutions can help you overcome this obstacle by using voice recognition technology. Dragon allows you to dictate into your PC and to use simple voice commands to do all of the everyday tasks that most people take for granted. Find out more in this video.


Some people use Dragon to reduce the amount of time spent using the keyboard and / or mouse due to conditions such as repetitive strain injury (RSI), carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and so on. In more acute cases, Dragon can be used for total control of your computer, and it’s good to know that voice commands make it possible to perform all aspects of navigation, editing, formatting, web browsing, responding to dialogue boxes and so on. Dragon has come a long way from a simple dictation tool.

Professional Training
If you plan on using Dragon intensively, it is advisable to arrange training to help you through the initial period of familiarisation with expert guidance. BDF Solutions have been working with clients with disabilities right from day one when we launched our business in 2000 and we are very proud of our reputation for providing outstanding training, based around your specific requirements.

We can take you right through the basics of effective dictation technique through to navigation and editing. If you use templates, we voice activate them to help you complete routine form filling or letter writing with the minimum of effort. If you use non-standard bespoke computer applications, we design custom commands to work around design shortcomings.

And of course, if you run into support issues, we will gladly assist you long after your training was delivered. That’s why so many of our customers come back to BDF Solutions if they require upgrades or if requirements change.

We provide complete ‘end to end’ solutions including

  • Initial assessment of your needs
  • Sourcing the most suitable software and equipment
  • Installation
  • Training
    One to one
    Train the trainer
  • Support (free of charge to bdf customers)
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